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Since 2007 we have served hundreds of organizations in the Puget Sound Region and found new uses for more than 4,000,000 pounds of computers, monitors, network equipment, peripherals, telephone systems, cell phones, televisions, consumer electronics and industrial scrap through re-use, repair, and responsible recycling practices.

The material we safely diverted from landfills has been put back into use or refined to manufacture new products. Using recycled materials is often more carbon-efficient than mining and producing virgin materials, which makes electronics recycling a double-win for our environment.

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American e-cycling is a division of Planet USA LLC.


We have been fortunate enough to partner with Royal Blue Rapid Delivery Service!

They lead the Greater Seattle area in assisting residents with Same day AFFORDABLE delivery service for  Car Parts, Tools & Materials, Design Plans, Promotional Items, Manuals, Floral Shops, Gift Baskets, Pharmacy Pick-up, Vegan Shops, Catering, Bakeries, Drinks, Groceries, Special Delivery Food.

Please do not hesitate to call them if you need assistance picking up your TV or other electronics.

Royal Blue Rapid Delivery– (206) 854-5569 Click here to view their Website!